Free Phlebotomy Registration Form

STOP this is not a contact form DO not fill out this form if you are not registering for the program

Instructions that must be followed! Working in a healthcare setting you are required to pay attention to details. 

site. It’s your responsibility to do your diligence. You will only receive a call from a career advisor when accepted into the program. Unfortunately if the reviews, employment placement rate and the information on this site isn’t enough than this may not be the program for you.

Do not call the office to ask question about the FREE TUITION PROGRAM. ALL the information is on the site.

Do not call stating I’m calling to see if it’s real. If your on this page you know the program is legitimate and has a very successful employment rate.

Do not fill out the form more than once. You will be removed from the list of potential students

Do not call the office asking if the tuition is free why do we have to pay for books, supplies, kits and uniforms. Last we checked no school in the Nation is offers a legit free tuition program but NCMTI. No. NCMTI will not offer supplies and materials fee. The $1600 TUITION is Free.  There is a difference between tuition and required course materials. Tuition is free not materials. Do not call asking if there are grants for materials. The school has never received and grants or funding for the programs we offer. We do this to give back to the community.

Please refer to your local community college if you’re looking for payment assistance and a more expensive program.

How do I apply for the Free Phlebotomy Program that Starts Nov 12th 2023? Fill out the form below

How Do I know if I’ve been accepted into the Free tuition Phlebotomy Program? Follow the steps on the registration form

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