Surgical Tech and Multi-Skilled Operating Room Technician Program. April 13th Class Seats are limited

Welcome to the only 3 Month Surgical Technologist and Multi Skilled Operating Room Technician Program. Classes are online and flexible with 16 week clinical externship for busy work schedules! 

Graduated Sept 3rd 2023 Hired one week later

Congratulations Joanne, Giselle, Alerte, Kemielle Sasha and Chalrene on your new Jobs in labor and delivery and the main OR Hired 

NCMTI Surgical Tech Class of 2023

NCMTI's Surgical Tech Program Compared to the other online programs​

16 Week Surgical Technologist Bootcamp included

NCMTI Institute 700 clock hour Multi-Skilled Surgical Technologist Program Plus 140 Mandatory Clinical Cases

Clock Hours Module 1                                                            Clock Hours


Human Anatomy & Physiology I



Medical Terminology



Mathematics for Health Sciences



Basic Surgical Instruments I



Human Anatomy & Physiology II 



General Pharmacology



Instruments Set up for Multi Surgery’s



Clock Hours Module 2


Microbiology for Health Sciences I


SUR M21 

Surgical Technology Concepts & Applications I



Surgical Technology Clinical I



Health Care Ethics



Surgical Technology Concepts & Applications I



Surgical Technology Clinical I


Clock Hours Module 3


Surgical Technology Clinical II


Required Books

Text Book

Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist 5th edition 9781305956414 1305956419



Study Guide with Lab Manual for the Association of Surgical Technologists’ Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist: A Positive Care Approach, 5th 

5th Edition  ISBN-13: 978-1305956438,  ISBN-10: 1305956435


Anatomy and Physiology 2e by OpenStax (Official Print Version, hardcover, full 

color)  ISBN-13: 978-1711494067, ISBN- 10: 1711494062 


Instrument book

Differentiating Surgical Instruments – 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9781719642125

ISBN10: 1719642125


Pharmacology for the surgical technologist 

ISBN: 9780323661218

Copyright: 2021

Publication Date: 02-12-2020

Page Count: 256

Imprint: Elsevier


Maxine A. Goldman BS RN

Pocket Guide to the Operating Room 

Fourth Edition 

ISBN-13: 978-0803668393,  ISBN-10: 0803668392


ISBN: 9780323680189 
Title: Surgical Technology, 8th Edition 


ISBN: 9780323935333 
Title: Workbook for Surgical Technology Revised Reprint, 8th Edition


ISBN: 9780323776936  
Title: Surgical Instrumentation, 4th Edition 

Structure and Function of the Body 
Medical Terminology


NCMTI’s surgical tech Program students attend the $3900 Surgical Tech Skills Bootcamp and Externship Program at no additional cost to the students. Free Free Free

Other Online Schools Surgical Tech Programs

No Hands-on Jobs Skills. Facts

NCMTI is the only 700 hour accelerated surgical tech program with a curriculum that includes the new surgical stimulation training & assessment platform. Here are the facts. You don’t have to attend a 1 or 2 year program to become a Surgical Technician.  You can attend a trade school and still earn your National Certification and gain entry level employment. These are the facts!!!!!!

Lets view the facts!!! NCMTI's blended accelerated education model has proven that it works!

Why is it that NCMTI’s surgical technician graduating students are adequately prepared for the workforce is less time that 90% of the accredited surgical technician programs????

In 2010 NCMTI created a better education system not like traditional education that has been proven to be backwards when it comes to preparing students for the workforce. Many schools have tried to follow our model, but the facts about NCMTI’s program success cant be denied. We are the pioneers for this new successful way of learning. NCMTI’s students are adequately prepared for the workforce. 

NCMTI Surgical Technologist and Multi-Skilled Operation Room Technician

Licensed Trade School


700-hours NCMTI’s surgical tech curriculum includes the nations only surgical stimulation training & assessment platform. NCMTI’s surgical tech students attend the free Surgical Tech Bootcamp at no additional cost.

Same National Certification Exam

Local trade school



Same National Certification Exam

Local Community College



Same National Certification Exam

Tuition updates and New admission requirements will be in effect January 1st 2024 (Tuition is free for Nov 12th 23 Class)


NCMTI’s Surgical Tech Program Fees and requirements for 2023  

Tuition $12,000 

No entrance exam

NCMTI’s Surgical Tech Program Fees and requirements for January 1st 2024

Tuition $15,000

ATI Teas 7 Entrance Exam

Interview with the board for acceptance or denial into the program. 

Down Payment $7500


We do not offer payment plans or discounts. Please refer to your local community college where financial assistance is available. TUITION IS FREE FOR NOVEMBER 12th 2023 Class. 

  • NCMTI’s surgical tech students attend the hands-on Surgical Tech Bootcamp including 3D surgical assessments at no additional cost. 
  • NCMTI’s surgical tech curriculum includes the nations 1st and only surgical stimulation training & assessment platform

What am I responsible to pay for? Tuition is Free for November 12th 2023 Class.

Student is responsible to pay for their National exam  30 days before graduation

Student is responsible to pay for their mandatory surgical stimulation training & assessment platform, Study Materials and Instruments Kits total $3998. 

Student is responsible to pay for the National Certification Exam 

The program is an outcomes-based program intended to prepare the student to function in the field of the operating room and successfully complete the certification exam. Upon successful completion of the course, students shall be eligible to take the National Certification exam for surgical technologists. 

This course prepares students to be  entry level surgical technicians in a surgery setting. He or she acts as primary scrub person who handles sterile instruments, supplies and equipment needed during actual surgeries. The technician is part of the sterile team, along with surgeons, doctors, assistants and nurses in the Operating Room (OR).


The graduates of this program will be prepared to:

• Work with surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other health professionals in providing direct or indirect patient care while demonstrating positive work ethic, professionalism and appropriate interpersonal skills in the surgical setting.

• Practice professional, value directed actions based on didactic and clinical knowledge, ethical principles and legal standards as member of the surgical team.

• Organize surgical instrumentation, supplies and equipment in an efficient manner while utilizing principles of aseptic technique for physical preparation and maintenance of the surgical environment.

• Promote lifelong learning fostering the development of professional and personal growth, critical thinking and leadership.

• Demonstrate understanding of biomedical sciences and technology as it applies to the patient focused events that occur in the operating room.)


Read before calling

Classes are online and hands on clinical externships are Nationwide designed to be flexible for busy work schedules! Click here for externship information 

#1 Question asked i'm calling to see how the program works

How does the 700 surgical tech program work?

 1. Fill out the Register form. We do not offer additional payment plans or discounts. Please refer to your local community college where financial assistance is available.

2. Receive your study materials at orientation

3. Take the program from the comfort of your own home. 

4. Assignments are due every week. (Plan for a minimum of 35- hours of study each week)

5. Mandatory Clinical Lab skills at the surgical tech bootcamp each student is expected to fulfill the hands-on practice at the end of the program at surgical tech bootcamp. Saturday and Sunday Surgical Tech Bootcamp Externships Available. Click Here for externship info 

6. Register for the national certification exam the last week of class.

7. Become a nationally certified surgical technician!.

Stop and Read!!! Before you register

NCMTI Professional Certification Acknowledgement

license or national certification is not required to become a surgical tech in most states.

Surgical technologists are currently the only members of the surgical team not required to meet certain educational standards or to be certified



State Law Overview


The following states have passed law related to the education and certification of surgical technologists. This includes graduation from a CAAHEP-accredited surgical technology program, obtain the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST®) credential from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA), and maintain the CST® credential by completing mandatory continuing education (CE) hours.


NOTE: When a state passes this law, nothing in the law prevents an employer from requiring all of its surgical technologist employees (not just new-hires) to meet the full requirements of the law regardless of whether the employee fits into the “grandfathered” or “military” exceptions

  • Indiana (2009)
  • Massachusetts (2012)
  • Nevada (2017)
  • New Jersey (2011)
  • New York (2015)
  • Oregon (2016)
  • Pennsylvania (2020)
  • South Carolina (2018)
  • Tennessee (2013)
  • Texas (2009)
  • Idaho (1991) – Idaho has an administrative rule requiring that surgical technologists (referred to as “operating room technicians” in the rule) either complete a CAAHEP-accredited program OR satisfy the NBSTSA requirements for CST/certification.

The following states require surgical technologists to register in order to work in the state:

  • Colorado (2016) (CST not required for registration)
  • North Dakota (2011) (“Unlicensed Assistive Person” registry; CST not required for registration)
  • Washington (2010) (CST not required for registration)

The following states offer optional registration/title protection for surgical technologists:

  • Arkansas (2017) (Must be a CST in order to qualify for the registry/title protection)
  • Illinois (2004) (Must be a CST in order to qualify for the registry/title protection)
  • Virginia (2014) (Must be a CST in order to qualify for the registry/title protection)



Free Surgical Tech Class November 12th 23 Seats are Limited