Pathway to Nursing

Coming Soon CNA to LPN Bridge Program

The path to becoming a Nurse takes students on a lengthy journey, one that will involve years of effort, commitment and study. There are many routes to becoming a licensed nurse, but they all pass through nursing school. Students can’t get into nursing school without fulfilling certain requirements, like completing prerequisite coursework, having adequate standardized test scores and sometimes providing letters of recommendation.  



During this 300-hour pathway to nursing program, you will complete required prerequisites for nursing and other professional schools while building a strong educational foundation. Set your future in motion with this nursing pathway, program and prepare to take your medical career in the direction you desire.

Be Ready for Nursing School

The CNA to LPN and Medical Assistant-to-LPN nursing pathway program is designed to assist qualified Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Medical Assistants (MAs) with the transition to LPN or RN nursing programs.